Final Fantasy XV Director Reveals More News About the Game

Final Fantasy 15 Game

Final Fantasy XV Director Reveals More News About the Game

There is tons of news about the Final Fantasy 15 coming out after the Final Fantasy XV’s big event this week. Game director, Hajime Tabata recently gave an interview to Dengeki Online where he talked about the demo frame rate, DLC, resolution and more. He also repeated once again that PC version for Final Fantasy 15 is still under consideration.

First of all, Hajime Tabata talked about the free demo’s resolution and said that the Final Fantasy 15 game development team used a resolution with 1080p as the limit (regarding the translation from DualShockers). He also noted that concerning the frame rate (which some says could be better), the demo’s purpose was to give the Final Fantasy game fans a taste of the fantasy world before the game launch and not to be a technical showcase.

Hajime Tabata also mentioned that as technical specifications for the Platinum Demo are similar for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, he cannot confirm yet that they will be the same for the final version as well. He also said that Square Enix, FF15 developers, are planning to spend time between now and launch to make the game look and perform as good as it could be.

Final Fantasy 15 director also mentioned some more interesting facts. The game will be playable at E3 event and other events before the launch date. Also, Square Enix is not going to update the Platinum Demo as they did with Episode Duscue. Hajime Tabata thinks that there might be both free and paid DLC for Final Fantasy but it is not sure what form it will take. He repeated that a PC version of Final Fantasy 15 might be released after the console is launched but nothing is decided yet.

Final Fantasy XV is going to be launched in September 2016. It will be available for Xbox One and PS4. PC version could come later but it is not confirmed yet.

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If you are one of those who like artificial surrounding, fighting against evil and completing difficult missions, you should find Final Fantasy 15 Game very interesting. Final Fantasy XV is the latest version of this world-wide spread game. The number of fans is increasing every minute and it’s about time for you to join them. You will get involved by Final Fantasy 15 very fast because it contains the best stories and plots. Don’t be old-fashion and get to know this thrilling game!

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